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Course Details

Bachelor of Science in Process Instrumentation and Automation

Course code: BN315 Entry Route into programme:


Duration: 2 years
NFQ level: 7
Schedule:                                                      Tue and Thurs 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Award title: Bachelor of Science
Credits for Full Award: 60 @ NFQ Level 7
Awarding Body:                         Technological University Dublin  



Course Overview

Graduates of this programme will be qualified for Engineering Technician roles. Typical roles will be Instrumentation / Calibration Technician, Electrical Instrumentation Technician, Maintenance Technician, Automation / Controls Engineer, in a variety of engineering industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, oil and gas industry, waste-to-energy conversion and a wide rage of manufacturing plants.

Note :

Please note that there is a summer time commitment for this programme

Minimum Entry Requirements

Admission to this programme may be granted to the following applicant cohorts:


1. Graduates of BN742 Certificate in Industrial Automation

Graduates of BN742 admitted to this programme will be exempted from the following modules:

Instrumentation and Calibration 2 PIAA H3021
Programmable Logic Controllers 2 PIAA H3022
Programmable Logic Controllers 3 PIAA H3031
Fluid Power Systems PIAA H3033


2. BN742 students having successfully completed the following modules:

Process Instrumentation and Control 1 SECT H3015
Programmable Logic Controllers 1 SECT H2022
Process Instrumentation & Control 2 ESIA H4019
Programmable Logic Controllers 2 SECT H3016

This applicant cohort having gained admission will be exempted from the following modules:

Programmable Logic Controllers 2 PIAA H3022
Instrumentation and Calibration 2 PIAA H3021

NB: Successful applicants will be required to undertake a mathematics bridging module EENG H1011 in Year 1


Course Content

YEAR 1 - Semester 1
  • Programmable Logic Controllers 2
  • Programmable Logic Controllers 3
  • Fluid Power Systems
YEAR 1 - Semester 2
  • Mathematics bridging module
  • Computer Interfacing and Industrial Networks
  • Instrumentation and Calibration 2
YEAR 1 - Semester 3
  • Facility Energy management
YEAR 2 - Semester 1
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
YEAR 2 - Semester 2
  • Process Control
  • Level 7 Project***
YEAR 2 - Semester 3
  • Quality Systems

*** Project is delivered and completed across the second and third semesters in year 2


Resources such as lecture notes, past exam papers, assignments etc will be available online as appropriate for access at home or work. However, attendance at all lectures and lab sessions is essential in order to meet the learning outcomes of the programme. The numbers in each laboratory session is limited to maximise your learning experience. Through discussion groups, forums as well as email and phone support, there is a wide range of support available to you from both your lecturers and your class colleagues.

Computer facilities are available to you at all times once registered as a student.
Online material is available to students who have internet access. In addition to web resources, the library stocks many of the texts referred to in class.


For further details please contact the marketing team on 01 885 1530 or e-mail:

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