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Business Students

Zorica Dragovic

Zorica Dragovic,
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

What attracts me to this course is an opportunity to work in a wide range of organisations; industry, practice, public and financial sector. The course offers a wide range of subjects which gives you a solid knowledge and it will prepare you for your future career.

The size of the class group is relatively small, so students have a greater level of contact with their lecturers. The course is challenging but rewarding. I would advise this course to anybody who has an interest in Accounting and Finance.

As for myself, I received the Student of the Year Award based on academic performance.

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Computing Students

Daire Homan

Daire Homan,
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing

I'm glad I enrolled, the course is challenging and covers a lot, but it's structured in a way that allows you to approach it one step at a time. Learning how to develop software is my favourite thing about the course. At the beginning, I thought that being exceptional at maths would have been necessary to develop software which I was worried about. There is an element of maths, but writing code is more about being able to solve problems and think things through.

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Applied Social Studies in Social Care Students

Kellie Cunniffe

Kellie Cunniffe,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care

I chose this course at ITB because I love working with people and helping in anyway I can. The 13 week placements really give you a taster of what it's like. I knew from the placements that Social Care was my area and what I really want to do when I qualify. While on placement this year I was nominated for an award from the college for an intervention I did on placement with people with dementia. From there I came third and went on to compete in Irelands Best Entrepreneur, where I won my category in Cavan and went onto the National Level but narrowly missed out on the prize.

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Sports Management and Coaching Students

Gary O'Brien

Gary O'Brien,
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management and Coaching

I chose this course of study because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to work as, but I knew that I loved sports and if I could get a job working in a sporting field that I would love my work.  The course at ITB covers a broad range of subjects which gives you an insight into the entire sports industry. Practically it will give you the basic knowledge of how to coach young children, how to train elite level athletes, how to work in a gym environment- personal training. This course serves as a way of steering students into the direction they want to go within the sports industry upon graduation. I have really enjoyed the practical experience gained on the course.

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Early Childhood Care & Education Students

Orlagh Mc Donald

Orlagh Mc Donald,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Care & Education

During my final year at ITB I was given an assignment to write and illustrate a children's book, which supported their social and emotional development. I designed a book called "Sonas and Daithi" which is about friendship and children starting a new school. My book was chosen to be published by the Fingal County Libraries, which was such an amazing opportunity for me. Having the book published has opened doors for me, including helping me obtain a full time position as a preschool room leader.


Creative Digital Media Students

Fernanda Faria

Fernanda Faria,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Digital Media

CDM at ITB has a very broad curriculum, from Year 1 you learn about all different areas inside the creative world. The access to up to date equipment adds to the enjoyment of the course. The course also has a work placement module, which helps you gain experience in the field before graduating and opens doors for us. If you have creativity inside you and would like to become a professional in the area, you should definitely consider coming to ITB

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Community & Youth Development Students

David Doyle

David Doyle,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Community and Youth Development

I chose this course as I felt it was the most well rounded course out there for me. The course gives you many options for working in the community such as addiction work, homelessness, youth work and community development. The course allowed me to develop confidence in working with all types of people in whatever environment.

One piece of advice I would give would be to get some hands on volunteering experience. You'll learn a lot without realising it.


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Horticulture Students

Shane Halpin

Shane Halpin,
Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

I chose this course as I liked how the course is varied covering all aspects of horticulture from the basics like 'soil science' and 'plant nutrition' to 'start and manage your own business' and industry placement.

The newly constructed horticulture facility is a great resource and has all industry standard equipment such as the new computer controlled irrigation system installed in 2016. In second year, we do work placement which is a fantastic opportunity to experience the commercial reality of life in the horticulture industry.

Don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty, this is a very practical course that's not too difficult especially if you are interested in the subject.


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Engineering Students

Kristen Fallon

Kristen Fallon,
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering

In Mechatronics, you cover multiple areas of Engineering such as mechanical, electronic, computer, telecommunications and control systems, and this was one of the main reasons why I chose the course. The lecturers are very helpful and will always make sure you get the support you need whenever you encounter a problem. There is always support available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s from the lecturers, college staff or even your fellow students. On the course I study programming, circuit theory, mechanics, electronics and microcontrollers and I have gained leadership skills, project management skills, the ability to work in a team, time management skills, and most importantly, public speaking skills.

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