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Gary O'Brien,
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management and Coaching

I chose this course of study because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to work as, but I knew that I loved sports and if I could get a job working in a sporting field that I would love my work.  The course covers a broad range of subjects which gives you an insight into the entire sports industry. Practically it will give you the basic knowledge of how to coach young children, how to train elite level athletes, how to work in a gym environment- personal training. This course serves as a way of steering students into the direction they want to go within the sports industry upon graduation. I have really enjoyed the practical experience gained on the course.

In my year, everyone always helped each other out when anyone needed it. Sometimes, when the workload of projects and assignments is becoming tough, the best resource you have is your peers. A lot of the assignments are group assignments so It allows you to work with different personalities and bounce ideas off like-minded people. You are able to learn what type of people you work best with it, which in itself is valuable knowledge to have before entering the working environment

Gary O Brien

Rebecca Hanratty

Rebecca Hanratty,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sports Management and Coaching

I chose this course because of my family background in business and my passion for sport. The practical classes give you valuable experience and allows people to continuously improve and excel in the industry after college. For example as part of the performance analysis module, I used software such as Dartfish to analyse games. The personal traning module allowed me to put what I learned in Year 1 and 2 into practice.

The lecturers have a great understanding and are very supportive. They have all worked in the industry and they practice what they preach. During my time I have made amazing friends and will have great memories for the rest of my life.

I would recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in business and have a passion for sport.

Sonny Hunt

Sonny Hunt,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sports Management and Coaching Graduate

I chose this course as I have played sport all my life and I had an interest in setting up my own business. The 50/50 sport and business breakdown of the modules suited me perfectly.

The college has a great sense of community and the lecturers are extremely approachable and helpful. I have made life long connections with both my class mates and lecturers. When I graduated from this course I decided to set up my own online business. The broad range of subjects have really stood to me as I gained the relevant knowledge and experience required for working as a health and fitness coach. To this day I still transfer everything that I learned while studying for the four years into my personal and business life.