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Priscilla Bress

Priscilla Bress,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Community and Youth Development

I have chosen to do this course because I have been volunteering in the area of youth and community development in my local community in Ongar, Blanchardstown for about 7 years. There have always been openings for jobs in this field which I am very passionate about but I did not have a qualification to apply for jobs.

I found the lecturers very supportive especially as I came back as mature student. The delivery of lecturers was very encouraging so doing the assignments were a lot easier and most of the lecturers were ready to help with more explanations in the topics where needed.

The work placements in Year 2 and Year 3 were very practical and related to the theory taught in class. I enjoyed my college life and the experience will remain with me for the rest of my life. It has increased my self-worth and confidence and a lot of openings for good job is forthcoming.


David Doyle

David Doyle,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Community and Youth Development

I chose this course as I felt it was the most well rounded course out there for me. The course gives you many options for working in the community such as addiction work, homelessness, youth work and community development. The course allowed me to develop confidence in working with all types of people in whatever environment.

One piece of advice I would give would be to get some hands on volunteering experience. You'll learn a lot without realising it.