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Aiden Barrett

Aiden Barrett,
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Engineering

I chose a degree in Computer Engineering because it intergrates several fields of engineering. A computer engineering student will learn electronic, electrial, hardware and software engineering along with computer programming, networking, embedded systems and IoT Technologies. These are invaluable skills to equip in preparation for modern industry.

The facilities on the Blanchardstown Campus are great. The lecturers are down to earth and always helpful. The learning curve can be steep at times but ultimately rewarding. It is a rewarding and benefical qualification to pursue and TU Dublin - Blanchardstown is more that equipped to ensure you get the best education in this particular discipline.

Kristen Fallon,
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering

In Mechatronics, you cover multiple areas of Engineering such as mechanical, electronic, computer, telecommunications and control systems, and this was one of the main reasons why I chose the course. The lecturers are very helpful and will always make sure you get the support you need whenever you encounter a problem. There is always support available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s from the lecturers, college staff or even your fellow students. On the course I study programming, circuit theory, mechanics, electronics and microcontrollers and I have gained leadership skills, project management skills, the ability to work in a team, time management skills, and most importantly, public speaking skills.

TU Dublin is a great college and it always tries to make your student experience worthwhile and memorable. There are many clubs and societies that you can join. I am involved with the engineering society where we go on trips to engineering companies to get an idea what working in the industry is really like. There are also lots of clubs for those who enjoy sports and a gym that is free to all students. You get the chance to meet students from different courses within the clubs and societies and they are a great place to make new friends and get to know people. I would definitely recommend applying for Mechatronic Engineering if you are interested in how things are designed and built; if you have an interest in how things work then this is the course for you.

Graham Knowles

Graham Knowles,
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering

I chose Mechatronic Engineering because I always questioned how things worked as a child and wanted to understand all things related to technology. The college has great facilities for students undertaking engineering courses such as designated engineering workshops and labs. If you are a hands-on focused hardworking individual, this course will suit you.

Susan Lynott

Susan Lynott,
Master of Engineering in Internet of Things Technologies

I always wanted to go back to college to study for my Masters in Engineering and this was the perfect opportunity.

The emerging world of smart homes and the 'Internet of Things' interested me, as we use 'smart home' devices such as light bulbs at home. I am halfway through my first year, the subjects are new to me having come from a Manufacturing Engineering background, where I am used to hardware, now I'm dealing with a new generation of systems of networked devices.

I am really enjoying the research into my project for next year. We can pick our own projects, which makes it even more interesting. We can explore everything that is capable of transmitting, sensing, or acting on data such as smart homes, smart cities, smart industry, wearables, drones, autonomous vehicles and much more.