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Daire Homan

Daire Homan,
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing

I'm glad I enrolled, the course is challenging and covers a lot, but it's structured in a way that allows you to approach it one step at a time. Learning how to develop software is my favourite thing about the course. At the beginning, I thought that being exceptional at maths would have been necessary to develop software which I was worried about. There is an element of maths, but writing code is more about being able to solve problems and think things through.

The third year project that I was part of was fortunate enough to receive funding to improve our software project over the summer, this was a huge highlight for me.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly,
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing

I chose this course because it's dynamic and exciting with great career opportunities. I always had a keen interest in computers, apps, the web and how they all worked. This course covers all of these areas and much more from software development to networking. It's challenging but in a fun way and pushes you to succeed and get better.

The best thing about the course is developing software and solving problems with lots of like-minded people. The facilities provided are good and all the lecturers are very helpful and easy to approach. If you have a curiosity about computers, the web or technology in general, apply for this course. It's a really fun and engaging area to study and it will push your technical abilities. When I applied for this course I was a bit apprehensive about the maths aspect, but if you give yourself time and stick with it, you'll definitely get the hang of it.

Michael Stumpf

Michael Stumpf,
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

I chose this course due to the fact that I had experience in the field but my previous degree was not and the lack of a relevant credential hampered my ability to be competitive in the job market. Since I was not able to go back to do a traditional three or four year programme, this course was an excellent compromise between being a full-time student and a full-time employee.

The best thing about my course has been the other students I've met on the programme. We come from similar backgrounds in terms of educational experience and so everyone gets along and works together well.