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Stephen Ryan ITBDublin

Stephen Ryan,
Bachelor of Business in Information Technology

I chose this course as graduates with skills in both Business and IT are in high demand worldwide. Business graduates can go on to work in many different sectors including Accounting & Finance, Marketing, HR and Consultancy.

The course covers many aspects of Business and IT which makes the course very interesting. The campus has great facilities including a fully equipped gym that is free for all students. The staff and lecturers are always on hand to offer advice and encouragement while pushing you to reach your potential.

I have really enjoyed my time studying at the Blanchardstown Campus. I was fortunate to be offered a job with IBM when I graduated.

Zorica Dragovic

Zorica Dragovic,
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

What attracts me to this course is an opportunity to work in a wide range of organisations; industry, practice, public and financial sector. The course offers a wide range of subjects which gives you a solid knowledge and it will prepare you for your future career.

The size of the class group is relatively small, so students have a greater level of contact with their lecturers. The course is challenging but rewarding. I would advise this course to anybody who has an interest in Accounting and Finance.

As for myself, I received the Student of the Year Award based on academic performance.

Una Glennon,
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

After I finished my Leaving Cert, I spent a year abroad in Switzerland and Germany. That year helped me realise what I wanted to do with my life. I had looked into a few other colleges who offer Business with a language, but their modules were not as attractive as those offered at TU Dublin and there was no Erasmus option. Languages are something that I've always been interested in, so the language option and the Erasmus year on the course was what appealed to me. When I commenced the International Business course, I was all the more interested after already spending a year away.

The course has a huge variety of modules, ranging from Economics, Marketing, Business Information Systems and Financial Accounting to a choice of languages, in my case - German. Students have the opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on skills, for example marketing at the college open day. The lecturers are all incredibly understanding and patient. If you are considering this course, you wont regret it. They offer so many courses but they are also quite specialised compared to other colleges. Its a small, tightly knit campus and one of those places that you will always meet somebody you know. I love how every week there is usually a different event on campus. The Students union celebrate the small things and if you are part of a society you will never be bored!

Victoria Nestor

Victoria Nestor,
Bachelor of Business in International Business

I chose this course because I could continue with the second language I started studying in school. Languages are a big component of the International Business course, for example I am studying French so I got the chance to learn its culture, traditions and even understand the worldwide business context. The best thing about my course is the high number of different subjects you undertake.

Another thing about my course is that you get the chance to travel abroad during the programme. I went to Canada for one semester, which was the most fantastic experience I have ever had. I got the opportunity to meet many people from around the world, experience different cultures and visit different cities in Canada.

International Business is a great course if you like the idea of travelling around the world, it has the Erasmus/International Credit Mobility programme in third year. There are a number of countries you can go and study in for one semester of the full year.

Mary Downes,
Bachelor of Business

I worked in various positions over the last 25 years and due to unforeseen circumstances I then found myself out of work. Upon reviewing various positions in the employment sector I noted that a lot of companies required a formal qualification so I made a decision to return to education and acquire a degree.

The modules covered include Marketing, Human Resources, European Studies, Maths and Accountancy, Sustainable Business to name a few. Group work is a must in the majority of the modules which is great for working together as a team. I would advise all students to attend classes and most importantly tutorials as this is where you get extra support on any matter.


Niamh Keogh

Niamh Keogh,
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing

I found out about this course when I was looking through the CAO website ( and it instantly appealed to me. I had done a post Leaving Certificate course and I wasn't sure what my next step would be. I knew I wanted to go on and do a degree and as soon as I saw this new degree course in Digital Marketing I knew it was the one for me.

It is one of the only degrees in Dublin dedicated to Digital Marketing. Once I reviewed the course content I knew it was going to be my top choice on the CAO.  I have really enjoyed my first year, we have done a lot of continuous assessment and I have met some really nice people on the course. I can't wait to start my second year and I think I have great career prospectus because I am doing a course I really like and the industry has huge opportunities for graduates with the right qualifications.