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Apprenticeship & Trades

The Trade Department delivers apprenticeship training in Plumbing and Electrical trades. There are also laboratories dedicated to Engineering Science, Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering and Mechatronics.  These contain networked computers for student access to specialist design, diagnostics, and analysis software where applicable. 

In recognition of the significant changes in the Construction sector, the Trade Department is striving to provide the most relevant training programmes possible to cater for the changes in the industry and to provide up-skilling and re-training possibilities for qualified craft workers. Consultation with industry and relevant bodies is continually undertaken in an effort to identify specific training needs.

We have invested heavily in the most modern and fully equipped workshops and labs to enable the provision of training that is responsive to industry needs and legislative changes in the sector. The delivery of programmes with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency has been identified as a priority. Currently, there is a 1 year add-on BSc (Honours) in Energy Systems & Industrial Automation programme.

Facilities in our trade section include:

Gas Lab (for GID training), Oil Boiler Lab,Solar Thermal Installation, Heating Control Room, Gas Welding Workshop (32 stations), TIG & Arc Welding Workshop (bays; 16 x  TIG, 16 x Arc), Heat Pump Demonstrator, Automation Lab, Electronics Lab, Motor Control Lab (distribution boards), Electrical Lab (with inspection & verification equipment)

A number of facilities are also planned for development including a small scale Wind & Photo Voltaic Installation, a working Heat Pump Installation and in the Electrical department, the fit out of a lab for Process Measurement & Control. A small scale air conditioning unit is also available for demonstration purposes. The college is also applying for membership of REIA (Renewable Energy Installer Academy) and will have the Solar and Heat Pump facilities approved for delivery of SEAI approved training.

View our full range of part time trade courses and below you can read more about Apprenticeship training.

Part time Trades course list


What is Apprenticeship Training?

Apprenticeship is a method by which a person works for an employer in a chosen occupation and learns the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to become a qualified craftsperson. On successful completion of the apprenticeship, a person will receive a National Craft Certificate. These are recognised nationally and internationally and allow one to continue a career in the chosen occupation.

In conjunction with SOLAS, TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus is participating in Phase 4 and 6 of the Apprenticeship Training Programme. Apprenticeship is governed by the statutory Rules of Apprenticeship in the designated occupations and SOLAS is responsible for organising and controlling all aspects of apprentice training. The current duration of an apprenticeship is four years, providing that all the Phases of training are successfully completed within that period.

How to Apply

For full details on how to commence an Apprenticeship, please visit


The following Apprenticeship Training Courses are being offered:



Trade Family: Electrician
Industry Served: Construction, Manufacturing and Services Industries
Profile of Trade: The electrical craftsperson is concerned with the installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of:- electrical wiring systems and services; electrical plant and control equipment; process monitoring and control systems.

Modern process plant includes electrical, electro-mechanical, electro-pneumatic, electronic and microprocessor based systems. In order to function effectively and efficiently, the electrical craftsperson must have a broad base of technical knowledge complementary to information gathering and analytical skills.

Phase 4 consists of 4 Modules (11 Weeks):

  1. Module 1 Electricity 2
  2. Module 2 Power Distribution 1
  3. Module 3 Electronics 1
  4. Module 4 Related Studies (Maths and Computing)

Assessment at Phase 4 is carried out at the end-of-term.

  1. T1 Electrical Science
  2. T2 Electrical Craft Theory
  3. P1 Panel Wiring
  4. P2 Electronic Circuit Construction



Trade Family: Brick/Stonelayer, Plasterer, Stonecutter
Industry Served: Construction/Engineering
Profile of Trade: Plumbing work involves the installation and maintenance of plumbing, central heating and mechanical services on domestic, commercial and industrial projects including houses, schools, office blocks, factories and hospitals as well as pharmaceutical, silicon chip wafer, fabrication, chemical and food and drink processing facilities. These installations comprise a wide range of services including pipefitting, welding and brazing of central heating systems, hot and cold water and sanitation systems, sanitary appliances, gas, compressed air, fire control, steam and chilled water installations and process pipework.

Phase 4 consists of 4 Modules (11 Weeks):

  1. Module 1 Advanced Pipework
  2. Module 2 Thermal Processes and Industrial Pipework
  3. Module 3 Oil fired heating systems
  4. Module 4 Pipework Systems

Assessment at Phase 4

  1. P1 to P4 Practical Tests
  2. T1 to T3 Theory Tests
  3. D1 Drawing Test

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