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Research Projects

Second Language Education

Project Title: The Development of materials for the English as an Additional Language classroom
Principal Investigator: Dr Ruth Harris
Researcher: Ms Rosemary Ryan
Contact Details: or on 353.1.8851070
Funding Agency: Strand 1

Project Description

The large number of newcomer children who have arrived in our schools in recent times has created challenges for the Irish Education sector as it is forced to address the needs of learners of English as a Second Language at both primary and second level. The aim of this project is to provide a graduate in the field of education with the opportunity to research these needs with a view to developing appropriate teaching and learning materials for learners of English as an Additional Language.

The project involves the consideration of quantitative data on a national level in terms of statistics and demographics, but will focus more specifically on qualitative aspects, carrying out fieldwork in local schools and consulting with stakeholders, as well as piloting materials with learners.

The materials developed will be underpinned by the most up to date theories and practices in terms of language pedagogy, but more specifically would aim to be culturally relevant for young learners of English in Ireland. By incorporating elements of Irish culture, society and context, the materials will serve a dual purpose: facilitating the acquisition of language but also communicating to the learner elements of life in Ireland and developing inter-cultural competence in considering similarities and differences across cultures.

What our students say...


"I work in IBM, they funded my course. It’s great to have that. At work I found that a lot of people had higher qualifications, there were a lot of doctorates, masters… For getting on in your job, the higher qualification would definitely be in your favour"

Paul King,
MSc Computing

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