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Research Projects

Inclusion teaching Practices

Project Title: SIF: Learning Styles.
Principal Investigator: Geraldine Gray, Dawn Duffin
Researcher: Geraldine Gray, Dawn Duffin
Contact Details:
Funding Agency: HEA, Strategic Innovation Fund
Collaborators: IT Tallaght, IT Carlow, National Learning Network

Project Description:

The current legislative framework relating to education, equality and special needs, requires the third level education sector to respond in a pro-active way to an individual’s rights to continuing and lifelong education. Consequently third level institutions are admitting students with a much broader diversity of learning than previously. The aim of this project is to examine learner and teacher behaviour in higher education in order that a model of optimal access and performance for both teachers and learners can be developed.

There has been an increased awareness of specific learning difficulties and the impact they can have on the effectiveness of learning by a student. In addition, there is now an increased awareness of the impact of different learning styles on the effectiveness of the learning experience. This proposal addresses the need to raise awareness, both in students and lecturing staff, in these two key areas of learning styles and learning difficulties, and the impact of these on the learning experience. The project has two key objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of different learning styles and learning difficulties amongst staff and students.
  2. Develop and deliver modules using inclusive learning methodologies. Students on-going progress will be monitored and assessed to determine the effectiveness of inclusive delivery on a diversity of academic disciplines

What our students say...


"I work in IBM, they funded my course. It’s great to have that. At work I found that a lot of people had higher qualifications, there were a lot of doctorates, masters… For getting on in your job, the higher qualification would definitely be in your favour"

Paul King,
MSc Computing

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