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Research Projects

VOCAL (Vocationally Oriented Culture And Language)

Project Title: VOCAL (Vocationally Oriented Culture And Language)
ITB's Role : Technical Experts
ITB Staff in Project:

Daniel McSweeney

Dr. Matt Smith

Project Description:

The VOCAL project was a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project funded with the support of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007- 2013. VOCAL consists of web-based language materials designed to assist learners before and during their mobility programme in a vocational setting. The project generated web-based language materials as a practical and innovative pedagogic response to the need for language and cultural preparation in advance of work placement abroad. The VOCAL project extended the earlier “ProblemSOLVE” project by adding several additional countries/languages, and also adding vocationally targeted educational materials for work placements in 4 specific fields: Engineering, Business, Tourism and Banking.

Project website:


What our students say...


"I was interested in developing research skills too – it’s great to be able to go out on your own with a problem and come back with a solution
I did my primary degree here so I knew the lecturers would be excellent help. Also the subject range interested me greatly, and I wanted to learn new technologies and gain new skills."

Karen Shaw,
MSc Computing

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