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Research Projects

Social Sciences Research

Project Title: Social Sciences Research
Principal Investigator: Fergus Comerford
Contact Details:

Project Description:

  • The major research theme is Social Sciences- Integration in third level education of those with Intellectual Disability (ID).
  • Research incorporates aspects of social sciences and specifically focuses on the needs of those with Intellectual Disability (ID) in relation to integrated education at third level education.
  • The project is a joint initiative with the Daughters of Charity (DoC). The DoC are one of the largest providers of day and residential services for people with Intellectual Disability, they provide services in the Dublin 15 area and are an obvious partner for the Social Care team in ITB.
  • The project is overseen by a steering committee which comprises Social Workers and an Education Psychologist who are employed by the Daughters of Charity on the Navan Road.
  • In interim and full term evaluation will be written up and will be presented initially at the Irish Association of Social Educators conference in February. Further publications will follow from this evaluation report.


What our students say...


"I was interested in developing research skills too – it’s great to be able to go out on your own with a problem and come back with a solution
I did my primary degree here so I knew the lecturers would be excellent help. Also the subject range interested me greatly, and I wanted to learn new technologies and gain new skills."

Karen Shaw,
MSc Computing

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