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Research Projects

Magnetic and Machine Research

Project Title: Magnetic and Machines Research
Principal Investigator: Garret Brady
Contact Details:

Project Description:

The Magnetics and Machines Research Group, in collaboration with Wavebob Ltd., plan to inaugurate a two-year project to design and build a linear electrical generator of a novel type that can be used to generate electrical power from ocean waves. The research will involve numerical simulation of electromagnetic systems , electric machine design, fabrication and test, as well as sensor deployment, experiment design and control engineering.

The group plan to build a linear generator of a novel design, which will generate electrical power directly from the reciprocating motion of ocean waves, simplifying the energy conversion chain and resulting in cheaper and more efficient power conversion.

The group will be funded by Enterprise Ireland (who have pledged over € 291,000 to the project over two years).

The group comprises of: 2 academic staff, 1 master’s student, 1 full-time research assistant


What our students say...


"I was interested in developing research skills too – it’s great to be able to go out on your own with a problem and come back with a solution
I did my primary degree here so I knew the lecturers would be excellent help. Also the subject range interested me greatly, and I wanted to learn new technologies and gain new skills."

Karen Shaw,
MSc Computing

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