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Research Projects

Biomedical Instrumentation Group

Project Title: Biomedical Instrumentation Group
Principal Investigator: Catherine Deegan
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Project Description:

The team at ITB have developed a surface mechanomyography (MMG) sensor for the purpose of investigating the mechanical response of a muscle to electrical stimulus.

  • While electromyography (EMG) is the tool of choice for clinicians, it is believed that MMG offers significant advantages in terms of price and complexity and offers superior properties in terms of electrical interference, noise and muscle cross-talk .
  • It is envisaged that this technology could be utilised to characterise the muscle response to electrically stimulating devices and to provide feedback to deliver more efficient and effective muscle treatment or toning.

The group comprises 3 academics at IT Blanchardstown; 1 postgraduate student and has graduated 1 postgraduate student.

Since 2005 the group has acquired €299,000 in funding.

The group aims to expand its studies with this technology via collaboration with the medical device industry

What our students say...


"I was interested in developing research skills too – it’s great to be able to go out on your own with a problem and come back with a solution
I did my primary degree here so I knew the lecturers would be excellent help. Also the subject range interested me greatly, and I wanted to learn new technologies and gain new skills."

Karen Shaw,
MSc Computing

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