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Industry Training

Industry Training

The LINC, along with the academic schools at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus, has worked closely with local industries to develop training programs which have met the business objectives while at the same time enabling employees to obtain a national and industry recognized qualification. Bespoke programs have been delivered by TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus for companies including Dublin Airport Authority, IBM, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Damovo Ireland, Ericsson Ireland, Club Managers Association of Europe, Citizens Information Board and Fingal County Council, developing computing, engineering and business skills.

Process used by the LINC:


ITBDublin LINC Process                                





Program Development: The LINC works with the Company to analyse the training required and align the competence development with the strategic business and operational goals of the Company while maintaining the academic integrity of the program.

Program Delivery: The delivery of the program utilises best practice to ensure the minimum impact on the business operations with the maximum learning achieved.

Program Evaluation: Evaluation takes place throughout the development and the delivery to ensure maximum results and enhance future deliveries.

Examples of programs developed include:

  • IP and Networking training for Damovo Ireland and Ericsson Ireland.
  • Certificate in Sports Club Management for the Club Manager’s Association of Europe.
  • Certificate in First Line Management for the Dublin Airport Authority.
  • Certificate in Water Mains and Supply for Fingal County Council
  • Certificate in Management Skills for Managers of Advocacy Services for Citizens Information Board


For more information please contact Claire MacNamee on (01) 885 1502 or email claire.macnamee@itb.ie