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USER ID :   

Your User ID is your student number.  If you are a new student, your Student Number will be sent when registration is open for you. It is the B00------ number ( CAPITAL B )

PIN :   

For new students this is your six digit date of birth DDMMYY

If you need to reset your PIN, please contact the Student Information Desk on 01 8851592 between 9.15am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or by email

2 Change PIN

New students will be required to change their PIN number.


Click on Student Services & Financial Aid link

ITB Online Registration

Click on Online Registration link

ITB Online Registration
5 Complete each registration page following instructions on screen. Ensure all check list items are ticked itb online registration
6 Click on Confirm registration link ITB Registration logo
7 Payment Page

Applied for a SUSI grant ? Submit your SUSI Reference Number (W------------- ) on the Fee Declaration Page and click the ' PAY LATER ' button. 

Paying the full fee now ? Click ‘ PAY NOW ’ button

Paying in Instalments ? Click ' PAY LATER ' button on the payment page. Now log back in and select Student Account to make your payment.


Important :

If you complete online registration and you subsequently decide not to attend (i.e. withdraw) you must notify the college immediately by emailing  with the subject line “Withdrawal”.  Please include your Student Number on the email.  There may be fee implications in the future for students who wish to return to college if they do not officially withdraw.

Email Account :

Every registered student has a student email account.  This is the college’s main method of communicating
with you. 

Your email address is in the following format: [student number]


Students must log into their student email account using their email address and network password.

It is very important to check your student email regularly as lecturers, administrative and library staff will communicate with you via this email account.