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Payment Options

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What Are My Fees?

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Payment Options

In order to assist students in paying student fees, the following payment options are in place for undergraduate full time programmes:

Option 1

Full Payment of Student Contribution & Tuition (if applicable) on Registration

Option 2

First Instalment: 25% of fees due on Registration

Second Instalment: A further 25% of fees due by 31st October 2020

Third Instalment: Balance of fees due by 31st January 2021

Option 3

If you have applied for a Student Grant through SUSI you are not required to make payment at this time pending a decision on your application. You are required to submit your SUSI (W...) reference when completing your Online Registration.



Non Payment Penalties /Non Submission of SUSI Reference

First Instalment - Non-compliance will result in no Computer Access/Moodle or Student Email on course commencement         

Second Instalment - Non-compliance will result in loss of Computer Access/Moodle & Student Email with effect from 31st October

Third Instalment Non-compliance will result in loss of Computer Access/Moodle & Student Email with effect from 31st January

Examination Results will be withheld


Pay Fees Online

Fees can be paid online before each instalment deadline. Follow the below steps

  • Login with your Student Number and PIN
  • Go to Students Services and Financial Aid and choose Student Account

Please click here to make your payment online



What are my fees?


Full -Time Students

1. STUDENT CONTRIBUTION for full-time students

For 2020/21 a charge of €3,000 is payable by each student to cover essential student services.


European Union nationals attending full time undergraduate courses are normally only required to pay the student contribution as described above.

However the following EU nationals will be liable for the total annual fees as per Table 1 below

  • EU nationals who have not been resident in an EU member state for 3 of the past 5 years,
  • EU nationals who are following a second or subsequent third-level course, depending on the type and duration of the previous course attended.

Fees are set annually by the Department of Education & Skills.


Table 1

EU Fees - 2020/2021

Total Fees (incl Student Contribution)

Undergraduate Higher Certificate (Level 6)


Undergraduate Ordinary Degree (Level 7)


Undergraduate Engineering Honours Degree (Level 8)
Undergraduate Other Honours Degree (Level 8)



Students who are progressing carrying modules from a previous year are required to pay fees in respect of the modules they are carrying in addition to the student contribution fee and EU fee where applicable.  The fees are charged at €50 per credit (for example a student carrying a 5 credit module will pay an additional €250).

This additional fee to progress carrying is not covered by a grant and must be paid by the student.



Students who are repeating and attending a full/part year of study will be liable for fees which are not covered by a grant.  The fee will be calculated on a per credit amount of the total full years fees as in Table 1 above.


5. NON-EUROPEAN UNION (Non-EU) Fees - 2020/2021

Non-European Union nationals attending full-time undergraduate courses at TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus are normally required to pay the below fees.

Non EU Fees - 2020/2021


Undergraduate Higher Certificate (Level 6)


Undergraduate Ordinary Degree (Level 7)


Undergraduate Honours Degree (Level 8)
Undergraduate Honours Degree (Level 8) Engineering
Postgraduate (Level 9)                                            €14,500


Any non-EU national who has been legally resident in an EU member state for at least three of the last five years may qualify to pay fees at the EU rate (with the exemption of those on a student visa).

It is a requirement that documentary evidence of residency and the duration of residence in the EU member state is provided to qualify for the EU rate of tuition fees.

Refugees with official refugee status (at the time of first registration) are not normally required to pay fees other than the contribution charge. A student in the process of seeking asylum is considered as non-EU National and is therefore normally required to pay the non-EU rate of fees.


Got a Fees and Grants query?

Please email Brid at or Fionnuala or


Further information is available at: or

The Institute reserves the right to reassess student's fees based on additional information.


Grant Applications

New Applicant

SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is the single national Awarding Authority for all new student grant applications. Applications for Student Grants are assessed under the criteria set out in the Student Support Act 2011, Student Support Regulations and the Student Grant Scheme.

Visit for more information

Applications are made online and are subject to supporting documentation. The online application system provides you with a quick, user friendly way to apply for your grant. This website is a comprehensive source of information on the student grant scheme and provides a handy step-by-step guide to eligibility and the grants process.


Renewal Applicant

If you received a student grant from SUSI in 2019/20, and are continuing your studies on the same course in 2020/21, you will be contacted by SUSI regarding the renewal of your grant. If you are progressing to an Add-On course you will be required to make a New Application with SUSI, further details are available on the SUSI website:  Please check the SUSI website regularly for updates regarding grant renewals and closing dates:


Making an Application:

The SUSI online application system for the 2020/21 academic year is now open. Visit

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they make their grant application correctly and on time. Please continue to check the SUSI website regularly for closing dates, additional and any updated information.

You do not need to have accepted a place in college to apply for a student grant. So APPLY EARLY !!!


Back to Education Allowance

The Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) allows qualifying persons to return to full-time education in approved courses while continuing to get income support.

How to Apply?

All information in respect of the BTEA is available from the Department of Social Protection at or

Students attending Undergraduate courses who are in receipt of the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) can apply under the student grant scheme to have their student contribution charge and any tuition fees payable for the course paid on their behalf. See: