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Current Full Time TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus Students who wish to progress to an Add On Course in September 2021




Do I need to apply?

NO.  Full-time registered students in an award year in 2020/21 who are eligible to progress to an Add-on course in September 2021 will automatically be emailed registration information to their Student Email Address in August.


Do I have a choice of courses?

Only students on the following courses TU653, TU671 and TU777 have a choice of progression courses and are therefore required to inform the Admissions Office of their course preference.

TU653 Year 2 students can progress to:

TU764  or



TU671 Year 2 students can progress to:

TU784 or



TU777 Year 3 students can progress to:

TU926  or



Students on these courses must email with the subject line ‘Add On Course Choice’ before July 1st 2021.  Include your Student Number, mobile number and course choice in the email. 

When will I receive a registration information?

Students who are eligible to progress following the Semester 2 examinations, will automatically be sent registration information (to their Student Email Address) for commencement in September.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep their Student Email account active over the summer months.


What happens if I have repeat exams in the Autumn?

Students who are eligible to progress to an Add-on programme after the Autumn Examinations, will receive registration information mid-September.  Students who are waiting on exam results following the Autumn Examinations, should attend classes for their Add-on course, from the semester start date in September, pending results. .


What are the eligibility criteria to progress to an add-on course?

A student must have met all of the following criteria in their current course:


  • GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • An academic standing of Pass
  • Obtained 60 credits
  • Indicated their course preference if currently registered on TU671, TU653 or TU777


For a course to commence, it is necessary to have a minimum number of eligible applicants.  If this number is not reached, the Institute reserves the right to cancel any course.