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Campus Code


At TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus, we believe that each and every person has the right to a positive campus experience. Appropriate behaviour is expected of each individual at all times.

The Campus Code is a collaboration of efforts between staff and students outlining how we can act in a positive manner towards each other.

There is an emphasis on co-operation between staff, students and all other users of the facilities at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campu. We take pride in promoting a co-operative, respectful and supportive environment that embraces diversity and excludes bullying, discrimination, prejudice or intimidation.

Please take the time to read the Campus Code and contribute to a positive experience at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus.


Showing Respect and Valuing Others


We treat all persons with respect, courtesy and professionalism.


1.        Embrace the diversity and respect the rights of others with different views.

2.        Refrain from making inappropriate jokes or comments that may be offensive, intimidating or degrading.

3.         Value constructive contributions made by all users.

4.         Avoid using social media to criticise, demean or dismiss others.

5.         Respect our colleagues’ work and personal space.

6.         Only claim work that is our own.

7.         Always respect fellow staff, students, visitors or guests.

8.         Never engage in bullying or harassment.


Acting with Integrity


We treat each other and members of the public honestly, fairly and with proper regard for their rights and obligations.


1.      Keep agreements and fulfill commitments.

2.      Protect the privacy of others and maintain confidentiality.

3.      Avoid involvement in any form of social exclusion.

4.       Demonstrate confidence and trust in colleagues as they attend  to their work and study.

5.       Actively consider the health and safety of ourselves and others.

6.       Abide by the Institute’s policies and procedures.

7.       Refrain from engaging in anti-social behaviour.

8.       Embrace diversity and refrain from any form of social exclusion.

9.        Accept responsibility and accountability for our own actions.



Appropriate Communication


We communicate openly, honestly and directly. We stand up for our rights without violating the rights of others.


1.      Listen carefully and with an open mind.

2.      Communicate with courtesy at all times.

3.      Respond in a thoughtful and considered manner.

4.      Avoid rumours that may be damaging to colleagues or departments.

5.      Use all communication tools appropriately and carefully, ensuring the message does not cause offence in tone or  

         content. This includes communication via email, text messages or any social network.

6.      Acknowledge and show patience when a colleague is busy.

7.      Offer and accept constructive feedback to and from each other.

8.      Always use appropriate language and behaviour on campus.

9.      Regularly reflect on our own behaviour.

10.    Refrain from making negative comments when a person is not present.


Co-operation and Support


We co-operate and support each other in our work and in our studies.


1.      Respect each other’s knowledge and experience.

2.      Acknowledge when a colleague is unavailable to assist.

3.      Support colleagues when there is a heavy workload and when decisions are being made.

4.      Treat each other equally.

5.      Understand when a colleague faces personal or work difficulties and offer support, guidance and reassurance.

6.      Provide information when it may benefit a colleague.

7.      Gracefully accept the recognition of our work and of colleagues’ achievements.

8.      Always acknowledge a colleagues’ work and give credit where it is due.


Closing Note


Thank you for taking the time to read the Campus Code. The Campus Code provides ways for individuals to reflect on and be responsible for their own behaviour. In the event that you experience inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour on campus, help is available through Human Resources and Student Services.

Together, we can make the Campus Code a living concept and accessible to all.

Download the Campus Code here  adobe

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