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Who are we?

The National Learning Network (NLN) Educational Support Service works in conjunction with staff to provide a holistic, inclusive and psychologically based service to students. The NLN Educational Support Service is a psychology led service which provides support to the students of TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus. The service adopts a holistic approach and recognises that student well-being is intertwined with their academic experiences. The NLN Educational Support Service team includes educational psychologists, assistant psychologists and access to an occupational therapist to support students attending the college with both academic and personal needs that may arise during their college year.

NLN Service Team


What do we do?

We support students by designing individualised and goal-orientated support programmes targeting each area that the student wishes to improve. Students can access a range of study, wellness, social and organisational support sessions with an Assistant Psychologist.   NLN recognise the needs of individuals with learning differences, and the service provides specialized supports to students with Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism, Mental Health and Long Term Illness. NLN’s Educational Support Service strives to promote students' independence and encourage them to develop the skills that will help them to flourish during their time in college.

In addition to accommodating students with medical and other support needs that have been referred by Student Services, the NLN team also provides support to the entire student population, so that any student who needs support is welcome to come to the service to make an appointment. We provide support for students in the following areas:



One to One appointments: Working with students to develop their skills in the areas of general study skills to anxiety management, social skills and confidence building. 

Group Study Skills Sessions: Working in groups on specific topics to collaborate and develop general learning skills. Keep an eye on our page for upcoming study skills classes!


How to get in touch with us?

You may be recommended to make an appointment to meet with NLN from Student Services or a staff member, or you may want to organise a meeting with NLN yourself. You can follow the stepsin the image below to arrange an appointment or drop in to our office in Block A.

To make an appointment, please contact us with your free times or use the link below to book online:

Click Here To book an Appointment



Study Supports


Essay Structuring

Paragraph Structuring

Example of a good intro

How to organise your arguement

Example of a well structured conclusion

Tips for Group Projects

What do the lecturers want?

Academic Writing

How to read a Journal Article

Note Taking in Lectures

How to Approach your Essay

Apps for Students


Exam Support

Revision Strategies for MCQ Exams

How to set up an exam venue at home

Open Book Exam


Wellbeing Supports

Grounding Exercise

Study-Life Balance

Reduce Covid-19 Anxiety
Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation Techniques to Manage Stress
Tips to Deal with Exam Stress

Organisation & Time Management

5 Ways to manage and make time

Avoid Procrastinating

How to study at home

The Pomodoro Technique

Please also visit our YouTube Channel which has additional Academic Support videos and videos on Assistive Technology

What our students say...

"In January 2018 I went on a four month secondment to National Learning Network in the Institute of Technology in Blanchardstown. During this time it struck me how ITB is a beautiful learning setting – the campus has lots of open space with modern buildings. Overall there is real a sense of space and accommodation for learning. As part of National Learning Network I worked closely with Student Services, the Disability Support Service and ITB Library. My job was to work with students on Assistive technology using software and technologies such as Zotero, Read & Write Gold, Trello and Grammarly. It was a real privilege to help students cope better and hopefully I was able to support students who have experienced learning challenges. During my time working with ITB and the National Learning Network I was really impressed with the level of support available to students and the friendly efficiency that could be felt around the campus."       Philip Keogh                      NLN Tallaght        

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