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College Facilities


At TU Dublin we are committed to introducing our students to the latest technologies and providing a learning environment where the use of up-to-date and innovative techniques and equipment is the norm. To this end, our lecture theatres and laboratories are state-of-the-art, and we aim to retain this leading edge as the campus develops further.

Lecture Theatres

All of our lecture theatres are equipped with full audio-visual suites. This includes high-end data projection facilities to run presentations and applications directly from a fully networked PC; video, audio and TV projection facilities; along with real-time video capture and projection.

Computer Laboratories

Our computer laboratories are kitted out with high-specification PC's which are linked into our Local Area Network and directly to the Internet through dedicated leased lines. Our lecturers can also avail of Smart Board projection facilities.

Language Laboratories

Our computerised language laboratories are designed in order to make full use of the latest audio based language learning software. This involves the use of high-end PCs with facilities for playing, recording, and processing audio content.

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