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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Policies

File Name

1QM01 Quality Policy - 15th May 2017.pdf
1QM02 Charter of the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown Working draft 28 May 2008.pdf
2MP01 Design and development of new academic courses 13 March 2013.pdf
2MP04 Staff training and development policy 25 May 2007.pdf
2MP18 Equal access and participation policy 1 August 2008.pdf
2MP19 Research policy - 17 April 2018.pdf
2MP20 Teaching and learning policy and principles 1 August 2008.pdf
2MP21 Training Development policy - Feb 18.pdf
2MP23 Intellectual property policy and procedures 1 August 2008.pdf
2MP24 Policy relating to approval of students for participation in environments with children or vulnerable adults 16 July 2013.pdf
2MP31 Institute review policy - 26th May 2017.pdf
3AC05 Policy and procedure for proposal, development and validation of minor, supplemental and special purpose award type 13 March 2013.pdf
3AD06 Exemptions from modules based on prior certified or experiential learning 21 October 2004.pdf
3AD07 Policy on prior experiential learning 15 March 2013.pdf
3AD08 Admissions Policy - 8th February 2018.pdf
3AD12 Academic programme fees 2017-18.pdf
3AS06 Academic programme assessment policy and procedure - 9th April 2014.pdf
3AS08 Institute Procedural Guidelines for Dealing with Instances of Plagiarism in Assignments and Examinations 13 June 2014.pdf
3AS09 External examiners and reporting arrangements - April 2013.pdf
3AS10 Examination script inspection and result recheck and appeal procedure 13 June 2014.pdf
3AS20 Marks and standards for phase 4 and phase 6 apprentice trades 4 July 2005.pdf
3CD05 Academic Programme Boards - Policy and Procedures - 6th Jan 2015.pdf
3CD06 Course monitoring policy and procedure 24 June 2008.pdf
3CD09 Policy on consultation with secondary providers of educational courses 7 October 2003.pdf
3GA07 Record retention policy 15th July 2013.pdf
3GA08 FAS ITAC 11 110511.pdf
3GB13 Academic Council and Academic Council subcommittee terms of reference and standing orders 24 Nov 2016.pdf
3HR14 Equality policy 26 May 2006.pdf
3HR22 PMDS Handbook February 2018.pdf
3HR29 Training and Development Procedure Feb 2018.pdf
3HR51 ITB Recruitment Selection Procedure August 2017.pdf
3IT13 Computer acceptable usage policy 6 October 2008.pdf
3LB01 Library usage policy 11 September 2009.pdf
3RD01 Research ethics and code of good research practice 11 May 2005.pdf
3SS03 Student charter 30 December 2003.pdf
3SS04 Student disciplinary procedures 21 November 2008.pdf
3SS05 Policy on sexual harassment and bullying of students 19 January 2009.pdf
3SS09 Student appeals board - 2 May 2013.pdf