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Robert McCarthy,
BA (Honours) in Sports Management and Coaching

I prefer the sports but the business part is good as well. When I finish this course I will have the business and sports qualification. People will be much more likely to consider you if you have both. We can go into anything to do with business & sport. It's a huge industry, there's loads of opportunities. The sports market is getting bigger & bigger all the time.

Robert McCarthy

Eimear Naughton

Eimear Naughton,
BA (Honours) in Sports Management and Coaching

With this course you cover areas like coaching kids, excercise & other activities. The facilities are really good, we have a gym and a sport's hall. I 've played sport all my life, my main sport being basketball and we just won the inter-varsities in college. This is the first year we entered and we won it.

Poppy Nolan

Poppy Nolan,
Sports Management and Coaching

I really like it. It's difficult at times, with the business side of it, but it's going really well.

It's very group-orientated course, so you have to be confident. I've made so many friends from it. It broadens your social aspect so much.

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson,
Sports Management and Coaching

Because of the continuous assessment you can get good marks before you ever sit the exams. I work in a gym already and want to get a personal training degree. This is the only course I would have done.

Jason Aughney

Jason Aughney,
Sports Management

I've had loads of people from my secondary school ask me about it and I'd definitely recommend it. I couldn't ask for a better course!