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Carly Guerin

Carly Guerin,
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

There's a lot of practical work, assignments and a bit of research. I like the practical side. The lecturers are really nice and the societies are good too. I was in the Computer Society.

Shane Trout

Shane Trout,
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics

I always knew I was going to do Engineering but I didn't want to go down just one route. I wanted to get a broad range and the Mechatronics course gives you that. The lecturers here are brilliant. I was sceptical coming here as I did the Ordinary Maths but the help from lecturers in the first year brought my level of Maths up. Because the class is small you learn from people asking questions as well, it's so much better.

Michael Lawless

Michael Lawless,
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics

I've always been interested in this kind of area, always liked mechanical and electrical stuff, and a lot of courses just do one or the other. It's only ITB and one other college that does a Mechatronics course.

There's quite a bit of software based stuff on the course, using software packages to make circuits. You can print out tracks of the components and basically there's copper board and it cuts those tracks out for you chemically rather than you having to draw them freehand.

Jason Rafferty

Jason Rafferty,

Mechatronics is a mixture of different kinds of engineering together. I work for Intel, so in order to progress in my job I had to go back to college.

In the current climate, it’s harder to get jobs. Having further education increases your chances. It'll definitely be worthwhile when I get the piece of paper at the end!

Niall Fagan

Niall Fagan,

I came to the open day here, and I liked the fact that it was small numbers, small classes and so hands-on. I work a lot better in a small group, I figured that out in the first few years of secondary!