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Ciara Mullally

Ciara Mullally,
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media

I love the course, it's brilliant. I never saw a Mac before and now we get to make flash ads,design websites and do html stuff. The photography is my favourite part - we're doing digital imaging and photo restoration. Moodle is very handy. The lecturers are really helpful and I didn't have this experience before when attending another college. People here are a lot more down to earth and really friendly.

Jayme Sejean

Jayme Sejean,
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media

The course is very broad and they teach you from scratch, so even if you haven't a clue to start with, you're grand. First year is teaching you the skills and second year you get a project to show your skills. You are allowed to experiment and for me having that freedom to show what I've learned has made this year more fun.

Monika Karaliunaite

Monika Karaliunaite,
Creative Digital Media

Basically the course covers everything to do with digital and online media. I had it as a hobby in sixth year but when I came here I learned so much more.

The course is practical as well… not just sitting in a classroom. In the mornings we’re out working away using machinery and in the afternoons we go into the classroom and learn about how it works. The library is very handy.