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Ade Hamarow

Ade Hamarow,
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Information Technology

Basically the course covers all the fields in Computing - Programming, Web Development, Networking, Operating Systems and Database and for that reason I chose to do my degree at ITB. It's really great to study here, above all for its helpful lecturers, staff and its cutting edge facilities. You can contact the lecturers easily with any queries and they'll email you back quickly.

Kyle Goslin

Kyle Goslin,
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Information Technology

The college is completely different from when I came here three years ago - its bigger, more people, more of a college feel. There's more talk about it too,and it's starting to become well-known.You can see after 10 years there's a lot more buzz happening. As it's still a relatively new college, everything we're doing is fresh stuff, not stuff that's been hanging around for years. Everything we're doing is completely up to date.

Craig O'Connor

Craig O'Connor,
Higher Certificate in Science in Computing in Information Technology

I had a great interest in programming and web design. I realised I wanted to go on and study it, and picked ITB because I'd been told by tutor it was more hands on, the help is there when you need it and you're ready for real work when you finish.

Some of it is hard work, but it pushes you to succeed. The subjects are all laid out in continuous assessment and that helps.

Geri Wickham

Geri Wickham,
Higher Certificate in Science in Information Technology Support

I have done a few software modules in ITB, so I knew the focus would be different if I came here. The practical experience here really helped me. Until I started doing Software, I was a complete technophobe. I was working as an engineer, but now I do more quality and IT. I work in a very small company, everybody has to do bits of everything, and I learnt a lot here, and it gave me great confidence.

Peter Levins

Peter Levins,
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

My original degree was an arts degree from Maynooth. Although I have been working in IT for the past ten years, I never had an IT qualification. I work in INTEL and they sent me on the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing and it is going very well.

You have to put an amount of your personal life to one side in order to make the time to do a course, and my guitar playing got sacrificed. A lot of things were happening while I was here: I got married, I moved house, and my wife is expecting a baby. All that was going on, but you make time and I’ve managed to squeeze in my studies. If it is important to you, you make it work


Leon O'Neill,

Here they have all the routers and switches, so you can manually do everything. It's better, more of a hands-on approach.


Pearse Lynch,
CompTIA A+

The college is fun and I'm really happy with the course, the fact that there is a lot of practical in it and not all just theory… the practicals are very good – it's very hands on.

To be honest, my whole life has changed so much since I started college. I had such a routine built up that I was actually bored with what was going on in my life. I am just so busy these days, and I love it.